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Designer Obsession Spotlight

To start us off, I want to just put it out there in the most “basic” way.

I’m. Literally. Obsessed.

I.Can’t. Even.


Ok moving on, a little back story on the talented designer, Beata Parvoulova.

Beata Parvoulova debuted her collection for SS14 after working as a design assistant in United Kingdom and Poland. She is a graduate of the fashion design diploma programme at Istituto Marangoni Milan and London. The Sofia based brand bEATA was founded in 2013. bEATA believes that what makes the brand unique and desirable is the attention to detail and the precision with which we manipulate our fabrics, so you can express your true self.

What caught my attention about this designer is her subtle yet effective use of color contrast, it is very nostalgic of the 1960’s. I love the elegant simplicity that doesnt come off as outdated or “meh”, her palette, attention to detail and her structured yet soft curves are so pleasing to look at.

Here are some more photos of her work:

and hey Beata if you wanna be BFF, this fashion school drop out right here would love to get coffee some time! ( jokes, jokes..but I mean if youre down?)

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