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Use These Promo Code To Save Big

These codes only apply to the items they are specifically assigned to, have a question? Message us on the bottom right of the site page!

The Favorite Tee Collection- 2 for $38 

Enter Promo Code: FavoriteTee38

The Buy 1 Get 1 $25 Slip N Slide Sale-Select Slides & Slip Ons

Enter Promo Code: SlipNSlide


The Stella Plant Hanger- Buy 1 get 1 50% off Sale Enter this 

Enter Promo Code: PlantLove50


The Slip 'N' Slide Buy 1 Get 1 $25  Sale

Enter Promo Code: SlipNSlide


The Tie Dye PJ Set- Buy 2 for $40

Enter Promo Code: TieDye40


The Honey Dew Macrame Hanger Buy 2 For $32 Sale

Enter Promo Code: HoneyDew

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