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Bohemian Home Decor

Bohemian Home Decor Can Make Your Home Your Boho Retreat.

Sovereign & Sun has all types of Bohemian home décor in stock so be sure to check the site sporadically to see any new updates to inventory from local and global artists and creators. You will find the perfect end table, macrame hanger, or shelf to put your newest house plant, lovely wind chimes to catch the light just right, cotton bedclothes that are responsibly sourced, and even furniture and rug options to bring it all together. We have items that you will not be likely to find anywhere else so your style can reflect your own choices, not just what the chain stores were offering the masses on a particular week. You can discover bohemian bedding options that are comfortable, long-lasting, and designed by artisans who put care into each line.

Does your aesthetic veer into the esoteric? You will discover exactly what you need to decorate your area according to your mind's eye at Sovereign & Sun. The beauty is in the details and we have all you need to cultivate a healthy environment around you. From useful and gorgeous boho plants spritzers, and so much more. We offer the small and the large items to make your area come together in a cohesive way that reflects your needs and inner balance without adding to a sense of clutter in the area. If you enjoy house plants and natural light you will love the selection of plant holders, hangers, and accessories. Natural light works with many of our available shades to bring out the beauty in a piece better than any showroom floor could. Browse the selection and picture that chair, throw blanket, and plant hanger right under your brightest window on a spring morning when it is still just a bit chilly out but there is a promise of warm blooms in the afternoon.

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